About Ehi Eric Esoimeme

Ehi Eric Esoimeme is the Deputy Editor in Chief of DSC Publications Ltd. His areas of expertise includes amongst others: comparative law, money laundering law, counter-terrorism law, international banking law, energy law, intellectual property law and criminal law.

Ehi Eric Esoimeme has authored more than 25 publications, including three books on Money Laundering Law/Banking Law. Ehi’s second book titled ‘The Risk-Based Approach to Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing’ has been cited by other publications. Notable amongst them is Exposing Fraud: Skills, Process and Practicalities (Wiley Corporate F&A) Dec 2, 2015 by Ian Ross.

Ehi Eric Esoimeme has a clear ability to interpret and explain complex or substantive anti–money laundering and related legislation into clear and understandable language, but not oversimplifying the topics (as many texts do). Full learning value emits from Ehi’s works and is of immense support to both law and industry practitioners. Ehi Eric Esoimeme’s academic record and suitability is, beyond doubt, of a very high standard. When measured in academic terms, Ehi demonstrates subject-matter expertise with a balance of strong legal knowledge and practical commentary and handling of the topics. He references his work appropriately (using the Harvard system), and his publications and works are fully indexed. Acknowledgements and quotations are correctly attributed. Given also that Ehi’s works are published before the legal and financial industry professions, the formal academic requirements standards in this regard are well met.

Ehi has keen analytical skills and has an ability when reviewing the law and the stated cases to fill in the learning gaps left by the parties and provide thorough and discursive commentary on the cases, thereby making a rare contribution by expanding the knowledge and understanding of vital precedent cases in English law (which are merely listed and accounted in case or legal textbooks), and he most confidently commits to structuring and explaining his rationale to go to open publication, whereby most legal authors and commentators prefer to “stay on the fence” to quote a phrase. Ehi shows a confidence to balance his knowledge with practical and cogent argument and reasoning. His review of jurisdictional legislation and related judicial powers shows a flexible approach and makes key connections with local/national provisions and affecting issues.

Ehi’s impressive record of publications demonstrates perseverance in achieving objectives. Combined with his professionalism and project management competence, Ehi remains focused on his objectives and produces quality outcomes. Equally, his professional role in his publishing company demonstrates his professional competences of standards, relationship building, and his commitment to keeping up with modern challenges in combating money laundering, corruption, et al.